True Stories in Real Estate

Buyer Testimonials

Buyer Who Bought Home September 2017 “You have been such a delight to work with and helped us above and beyond duty.” “We are coming to stay in the house and would like to know if we can take you out for lunch or dinner as a thank you for all you've done for us?”
Buyer Who Bought Home June 2017 His response to sales report I sent with my comments about having the dream career. “Thanks!  And you are good at the dream career!  Interesting stuff.”
Buyer I’ve Been Working With For A While I was explaining information on properties to a Buyer. He said, “I listen to you closely. You have more knowledge than I ever will.”
Buyer After Getting Initial Information And First Home Tour “We do appreciate how you get back to us so quickly with INFO we ask about. I respect your professional service.”
Buyer 3 Years After Purchasing Their Vacation Home. "I really appreciate your Sisters expertise and the fact that you continue to be willing to help years after our purchase. We have no regrets and love every minute we get to spend at the Ranch!"
Buyer After Second Time Buying From Me "A thousand thanks for the above and beyond service. We would certainly send other home-seekers your way!" (And they do)
Buyer When Transaction Closed "I want to thank you for the outstanding job you have done on this purchase from start to finish. You have kept us informed every step of the way and your attention to detail has been impeccable."
Buyer Before They Purchased Their Home "Definitely, you are my “go to person” at BBR. Thanks for sending the stats, Susan."
Buyer Newly Retired "I’m telling her how to do something on the computer. She tells me she had people to do this – and now I’m her people. We laughed about that. She could do more than she was letting on. She knew I would guide her through it."
Buyer After Complex Purchase "I know it was very, very hard & you are probably pooped : ), but I do say thank you."
Buyer After Getting Their Dream Home In A Competitive Market "You’re the best!"

Seller Testimonials

Seller Listing Home 2018
Thank you for your detailed response.  Great insight on your part.
Seller Listing Home 2018
Thank you for everything. You are amazing!
Seller Whose Home Sold June 2017 "Thanks for making the home sale so easy and effortless.You are great."
Seller Whose Home Sold May 2017 "Thanks for all you did to make the sale of our home...a successful event."
Seller Whose Home Sold April 2017 "We so appreciated your service and expertise! Awesome on the report...that makes us all feel good! Glad you liked the flowers........we appreciate you"
Seller Whose Washington Broker Referred Her To Me "I recently sent a note to my broker, thanking her for finding you!  You have been so professional, thorough, competent and pleasant to deal with.  It was such a relief to have your expertise and guidance through this process. Thank you so much for all your hard work."
Seller Just Before Signing Closing Documents "Thanks again for your help. You have made this an easy transaction and I appreciated your prompt attention to any questions or concerns we had as well as your sense of humor!"
Seller After Home Sold "Thanks again for being a dream to work with. We have already shared our selling experience with several friends who are Black Butte homeowners."
Seller Commenting On My Business Style "Thank you Susan! It was a pleasure working with you! We were a great team. Enjoy the rest of the summer."
Seller After Viewing Home Listing For First Time "Wow Susan!!! That virtual tour is awesome! I would love to look at my home if I was in the market! Thanks for your hard work."
Seller "Thank you so very much for your relentless hard work in selling our house. Thank you also for your patience with all of our little situations. We truly appreciate all you have done."